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Archive for April, 2008

  • Every Memory of Your Life Stored Forever – MyLifeBits Project

    Gordon Bell What would it look like if you had a computer with every single memory stored on it forever? You would be able to access every webpage you’ve ever looked at, every email you’ve read, every photo you’ve taken or been in, videos of your publ...

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  • Family History at Family Dinner Table

    I was reading a blog posting at the Science of Raising Happy Kids where the author, Christine Carter, Ph.D. suggested wrote, “Research shows that telling stories about your shared past creates strong and secure emotional bonds, which directly impacts how well fam...

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  • Lost But Not Forgotten

    Christopher Cannon I’ve talked a lot about the necessity of converting your old 8mm and 16mm film before it degrades or the people in your life who can identify the footage are gone. But what about that film once it’s out of the possession of your family? W...

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  • Magnetic Photo Album Deterioration

    Flickr photo: mimi.bowling We often hear clients complain they can’t remove their photos from those old inexpensive magnetic photo albums. Those are the ones with the pre-glued pages that you just stick the photos in and slide the plastic sleeve over the outside....

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  • The Secrets Buried Under a Family Tree by Ellen Goodman

    I’m always excited when someone famous gets on the “need to know your family history” bandwagon so I was particularly excited when Ellen Goodman wrote this column for the Boston Globe last week. It just points out how often we know so little about tho...

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