Tributes & Video Biographies
Sharing Life Stories, Connecting Generations, Preserving Legacies

Personal Histories & Video Biographies

Masterfully preserving unique life stories, company histories and family history legacies for generations to come.

Each of our personally produced video biographies are truly unique, in-depth presentations. We will work hand-in hand with you using innovative artistic methods, original scripting and high-level production to create an exclusively tailored biography masterpiece to commemorate that personal history or special moment.

A video biography is more than a presentation, it is a timeless acknowledgment of life that will take your customized multimedia productions for special event tributes to the next level – resulting in a truly distinctive showcase.

Exclusive services included with personal history or video biographies:

  • In-depth interview sessions to help you identify the storylines of your unique personal history
  • Original scriptwriting to tell your unique story
  • On-location, audio-video interviews
  • Pre-production home or office visits to organize your materials
  • Voice-over narration and your choice of music
  • Your photos, slides and negatives and old movies in full-screen presentation
  • Customized navigable menu
  • Customized chapter cards and photo captions
  • Custom retouches (crops, zooms, scratch removal, etc.)
  • Custom scans and animation of memorabilia (invitations, programs, etc.)
  • Proof copy so you can preview your presentation
  • DVD case with custom-designed label


Only with Legacy Multimedia

We at Legacy Multimedia are master storytellers and skilled artisans who share a deep respect for the importance of family, friends and others who help define our lives. We share a singular creative vision that is driven by this respect. We are dedicated to telling those special life stories and capturing the essence of what makes a person unique in custom-crafted, digital video presentations.

If you would like to capture the spirit, the personality, the life of a special person to preserve their memory and share it with future generations or want to accurately and eloquently commemorate a special occasion, contact Legacy Multimedia – we’re here to help you make it a reality.

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