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Photo Restoration

We treat photo restoration, retouching and photograph replication as a sacred trust.

A picture is worth much more than a thousand words, especially if your photo is a rare family portrait or depicts a historical event. Are you afraid that you might lose that one precious photo? If your photo is damaged, faded or too small, Legacy Multimedia will scan and repair it using skillful restoration techniques and a masterful eye for detail.

Our talented staff has many years of experience enhancing and salvaging images of EVERY TYPE. We will deliver your photos to you printed on archival-quality professional photo paper or on a disc, prepared for high-resolution printing.

For Legacy Multimedia, this is more than just a job – it is an expression of our creativity and our craftsmanship.

Photo Restoration Samples

BeforeFamily Restoration Before Image

AfterFamily Restoration After Image

This photo, taken in the 1960’s, was the family’s only copy. Not only had the colors faded and turned reddish (typical of photos from that era) but the photograph was also rusted to the glass of the picture frame. When the client tried to remove it, parts of the photo began to rip. With advanced digital technologies, Legacy Multimedia scanned the photograph through the glass of the frame and skillfully restored this image to its original dignity.

BeforeBefore Restoration

AfterStichres After Restoration of Image

Performance photo from the late 1950’s in very poor condition. Pieces were torn and missing along the border, most critically that section which should have showed a Fender Jazz Master guitar he was playing at the time. The photo was fully restored including the missing guitar. The photo restoration is crisp, clean, and bright and quite possibly better than the original.

BeforeBefore Restoration

AfterAfter Restoration

This initially small photo of the client’s mother was kept in his wallet for many years. Unfortunately, you can see the results of aging and improper storage. We reconstructed, resized and printed the photo at a beautiful 8X10 inch size. The larger, fully restored, new photo of his mother now sits in a frame on the wall, proudly preserving her memory and guaranteeing no further loss or damage to the image.