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8mm & 16mm Film Conversion

Don’t let time be the enemy of your old format film!

When your dad shot that film of you waterskiing in 1979, who knew then those images would not last forever? Film will deteriorate with time and improper storage. Sadly, we occasionally receive film that is no longer viewable. By transferring your reels to a digital format while they are still in good shape, you guarantee your grandchildren will be able to watch you learning how to waterski.

Legacy Multimedia offers precision film conversion using state-of-the-art technology and professional-quality equipment to assure that your fondest memories are preserved in a lasting, easy-to-share format. We can also provide custom editing services such as dynamic navigations and creative chapter cards to allow your viewers and future generations to identify the people in the film, as well as when and where the film was shot.

Not sure what’s on those old reels? We can convert the footage and put it on a viewing disc. Each viewing disc has a large time code which will allow you to identify and re-arrange specific clips for a final presentation. You know that film is valuable, let us help you create something memorable!

Please feel free to read our blog article on transferring 8mm and 16mm film to DVD. It explains our philosophy on the importance of converting and marking these films for future generations.

Our Precision Film and Video Conversion Services include picture-perfect transfers of:

  • 8mm film
  • Super8 film
  • 16mm film


*Please note: We do have a 2000 foot minimum for 8 and 16mm film conversion.