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An Ethical Will

Your Story is Your Gift

If your great great grandchild were sitting across from you what would you say? What values and life lessons do you want to pass on?

Ethical WillMost of us know the importance of drawing up a will; it is a necessary step to take care of the material wealth accumulated throughout your life. However, the most precious gift each of us has to offer is our own story and the gifts that have emerged from that story. It is equally important to create an Ethical Will, to share the meaning you have derived from your life – to share your story.

An Ethical Will ensures that your gifts will be passed on
It is a chance for you to describe the lessons you have learned, and the hopes you have for your offspring and their offspring or even for others with whom you share important connections. And, quite often, the process of creating an Ethical Will helps people bring the rest of their life and relationships into greater focus.

You can write an Ethical Will
and there are resources out there to assist in such an endeavor but video is a far more powerful and efficient medium. In just a few hours of your time we are able to obtain enough information to create a powerful and enduring resource for the individuals with whom you are most connected. Writing your Ethical Will is challenging because the subject matter is emotionally charged and writing is difficult.

A video is both powerful and efficient
Our team is experienced in helping people tell their story. We know what to ask and how to shape a story that can be easily understood by others. We also have the technical expertise to make sure that the final product says what you want it to say. A video has the virtue of capturing a level of nuance and depth that eludes most written work. Your descendants can see and hear you, an important distinction lost in a written Ethical Will and a video is harder to lose and easier to preserve and disseminate.

Your life, its lessons, its joys and its hard won wisdom are too important to brush aside or minimize
Creating an Ethical Will is a valuable and rare opportunity to refocus our lives by stating what is most important. The video ensures that your values are preserved and presented in the clearest and most powerful manner possible.

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