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Sharing Life Stories, Connecting Generations, Preserving Legacies

Legacy Multimedia Video Services

From custom-crafted video biographies on DVD and corporate or nonprofit tribute videos to high resolution digital photo restoration and photo books in print, we offer only the best.

No matter the size or scope of your project, when you choose Legacy Multimedia you are choosing the very best. In every phase of every service we provide, you will get the finest artistic talent, the most up-to-date technical expertise and the highest production values. To learn all about the individual, custom-tailored services we offer, please browse the sections listed below or return to the main navigation menu. Once you see all we have to offer and the quality of our work, you’ll insist on using Legacy Multimedia for all your photo and video needs.

Legacy Multimedia provides the following services:

Personal Histories & Video Biographies

Capture life’s most precious memories. Celebrate special occasions and events. Preserve your history for all to come and honor those that mean the most to you.

Corporate & Nonprofit Tribute Videos

Legacy Multimedia offers a full range of high-quality services to chronicle company histories, executive biographies, retirement tributes, corporate anniversaries, galas and other noteworthy events.

Photo Restoration

Don’t let time be the enemy of your treasured family and historical photos. High quality digital photo restoration provides like-new copies while the originals can be safely tucked away for posterity.

8mm & 16mm Film Conversion

We provide precision transfers of 8mm and 16mm film, edited with music, chapters and text information about the film, onto DVD.

An Ethical Will

A chance for you or a loved one to describe the lessons you have learned, and the hopes you have for your heirs, or even for others with whom you share important connections.

Photos to DVD

Our polished digital presentations combine your photos, video, memorabilia, music and other multimedia into timeless treasures.


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