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  • Family Business

    The idea of creating a family history or genealogical tree, while a formidable task, sometimes occurs to us as quite simple. We enroll all our family members into this meaningful project. They all go through their media, (photos, old reels of film, mementos)...

    Read more  ●  Saturday, January 26th, 2008

  • Researching Your Family History – Part 1

    Tracing your roots, discovering your origins, getting to know your ancestors and learning of your cultural past is a richly rewarding experience that can benefit you and your family for many generations to come. This is especially important in today’s highl...

    Read more  ●  Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

  • Researching Your Family History – Part 2

    This is a continuation of my post from last week on researching your family history. There are also many other blogs that focus on tracing family histories, restoring old photos, converting aging materials to newer formats and sharing your fondest memories wi...

    Read more  ●  Thursday, November 8th, 2007

  • Survey Reveals Americans’ Surprising Lack of Family Knowledge

    Flickr photo: johnewootton Latest Survey Shows How Little Americans Know About Their Families; Holidays Perfect Time to Get to Know Family Better PROVO, Utah, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Are you among the one-third of Americans who cannot name ...

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