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Sandra Phipps Testimonial – Restoring Old Photos

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful job you all did in restoring my old photos. I met my future husband when I was only 14 years old and when we reunited some 25 years later and decided to marry, I found the old photos of the day we met. However, some were ripped and they were all very worn and discolored. I thought for his “wedding gift”, I would have one of the photos of the two of us together restored, blown up and displayed at our reception. What a big hit!!
The job you all did was great. I couldn’t believe how you couldn’t even tell that we used two different photos to restore the original one. And the best part, was that you all did it so fast! This was a last minute idea and within less than two weeks it was completed. (Not to mention that I live out of state and most everything was done via e-mail and express mail). This ended up being a gift for both of us and how wonderful! It will last a lifetime!”

Sandra Phipps, Ohio