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About Stefani Twyford (@stefanitwyford)

Thank you for visiting my Twitter profile, @stefanitwyford.

If you’ve arrived here from, you’re wondering who I am and what I do. If you’ve arrived here from a link on my blog you may be wondering what Twitter is and why I use it. If you did arrive here straight from Twitter, I should warn you that you are now on the Legacy Multimedia website.

I am Stefani Twyford, a video biographer living in Houston, Texas, and the owner of Legacy Multimedia. (There’s more about Legacy Multimedia below.) I have over 17 years experience designing, developing and implementing award-winning digital media solutions for small to medium sized companies. With degrees in design, psychology and social work, all my skills have lead me to what I do now, digital storytelling through the art of tribute videos.

On my blog and in my Twitter stream you will read about my passion for personal history, film-making techniques, genealogy, and related topics. I will veer off onto other topics from time to time but always come back to the things that make my work and my life a joy.

If you arrived here from a link on my blog (or some other site) and are wondering what Twitter is, here’s a brief introduction. Twitter is a microblogging tool that lets you post snippets of information, thoughts, and comments in bursts of 140 characters at a time. You follow other Twitter users (people you may already know and others you will get to know) and read their stream of comments and others follow you and read yours. What you end up with is an online conversation that reaches many people at one time. But don’t take my word for it, try it out!

About Legacy Multimedia (I did warn you):
Legacy Multimedia is a video tribute company that is dedicated to preserving history in artfully produced, full-length, custom video biographies on DVD. We are master storytellers who have perfected the art of cutting-edge technology. Using classic filmmaking techniques and the latest digital tools, we seamlessly weave together vintage photos, old footage and audio tracks with interviews, voice-over narrations, music, animations and titles. The result is a wonderful tapestry of images and sounds that share memories, impart wisdom and mark history to inform, entertain, and inspire – today and for many years to come.
Our custom-crafted tribute videos are perfect for:

  • executive and personal biographies
  • corporate anniversaries and other milestones
  • conferences, conventions and seminars
  • retirement tributes and lifetime achievements
  • company and family histories
  • galas and other noteworthy events

For more information on Legacy Multimedia and my work, visit our Web site at