Tributes & Video Biographies
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Our services defined.

Video Biography DVDs

Fully customized multimedia productions using original scripts along with a complete array of professional-quality, photo, video, graphic, text and sound elements to tell unique life stories, to preserve history and to commemorate special events for virtually any purpose. Our Biography DVDs are the perfect way to capture a full range of personal, business and other occasions big and small.

Corporate and Tribute Video Services

Legacy Multimedia offers a comprehensive set of services specifically designed for corporations and organizations of every type. From company histories, executive profiles and special event tribute celebrations on DVD to world-class photo retouching, digital archiving and other technical services, we do it all.

Photo Retouching/Restoration

The art of image manipulation to masterfully enhance or accurately restore original photographs using a blend of the latest high-tech digital tools and a classic sense of style.

Digital Photo Montages

Legacy Multimedia offers beautifully crafted composite pictures made up of various individual images including photos, slides, scans of printed material and other elements to create visually interesting, single compositions for capturing the essence of events, relationships or time periods.

Digital Archiving

The process of systematically organizing, salvaging, restoring and preserving all your old photos, negatives and slides in a new digital format that makes all the images a snap to locate and use. Your final archive is stored on convenient, easy-to-duplicate CDs or DVDs, which can then be kept in a safe, secure place to share for years to come.

Film to DVD Conversion

The transferal of original images and sound tracks from old 8mm and 16mm film to DVD format.


A Glossary of General Terms

Chapter Card

An image screen with text, which describes the next series of photos and/or video clips. We can also incorporate your photos into the background.

Custom Retouches

Adjustments and corrections made to the digital versions of your photographs, such as removal of distracting objects, scratch and dust removal, color balance and brightness adjustments, or video effects added to the photographs, such as zooming in on a person in a group or cropping a photograph.

DVD Presentation

Your final video delivered on a Digital Video Disk (DVD) with a basic navigation menu. Compatible with most consumer DVD players. Your video will be delivered in a keepsake case with labels unique to your own video.

Home Video Clips

Inclusion of your own home videos or film footage in the final DVD presentation. We accept a variety of formats, including 8mm, Super8, 16mm, VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 and MiniDV. Please inquire for other formats.

Intro Card

A title screen, which shows the title of your video/event and the production date. We can also incorporate your photos into the background. We typically use ambient backgrounds with moving elements and animated text.


On this website, multimedia means the inclusion of text, graphics, illustration, photography, live and animated video as well as sound elements integrated into a single piece to inform or entertain the audience.

Photo Captions

A photo caption is a title or text that will appear on or next to the photo.

Online Proof

We can put a reduced size proof online for you to view and provide us with feedback and comments.