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Tips on Preserving Family Audio

As a preservationist, I am always excited when a big name comes on the bandwagon providing information to consumers about preserving precious family archives. It’s a platform I’ve been preaching and promoting for 10 years now and I still consider it as vitally important now as it was when I first became aware of this.
One this stuff is gone, it’s gone!

The New York Times recently added Bertram Lyons, an archivist at the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress in Washington, to answer questions posted by NYTimes readers about preserving family audio.

Here is a link to the Part 1, where he answers questions about preserving audio. Over the next few weeks, Mr. Lyons will answer questions about photos, video, manuscripts and other issues.

Follow this link to read the full article.

There are so many sources of old audio that no longer support current playback technology. It’s so important to have these items transferred correctly and saved before they disintegrate.

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