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A Tribute To My Mother – Mother’s Day 2012

This past weekend was Mother’s Day. I had a lovely day with my oldest son and husband. We had lunch and went to see The Hunger Games which I enjoyed. My favorite thing to do is watch movies so if you’re wanting to do something special for me, take me to a movie, pretty much any movie, and I will be happy.

Lots of my friends were posting messages on Facebook and Twitter about Mother’s Day. Some were photos and little tributes to their own mothers while some were photos of them spending time with their children and celebrating themselves. It was particularly nice to witness the acknowledgement and tribute to mothers. A holiday such as this provides a platform, one day a year, where we take the time to recognize someone that means something to us. In this case, our moms.

My siblings and I bought my mom several new outfits and while I wasn’t there to share the day with her, my sister said she was thrilled to get some new clothes. My sister had lunch with her and watched as she got compliments from others about her new outfits. I spoke with my mom later on in the day and asked her how her Mother’s Day had been. She said it was really terrific. I commented to her that she seemed really happy and she said, “you know, I am very happy.” I asked her why she thought she was so happy and she said, “I think I have finally come to terms with being old.” My mom is not really known for her introspective insights but hearing her say this meant so much to me. It is probably the highest compliment that we, her children, could hear from her. Since moving into assisted living almost a full year ago, I have seen her relax, open up to making some new friends and trust that she is, and will be, taken care of. And my own life has relaxed as well. I’m not constantly worrying about them and on alert. Problems have gotten smaller again.

I am so grateful that I am able to celebrate my mom for yet another Mother’s Day and hope we’ll have many more happy ones ahead.

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