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My Top Five Photo Sharing Websites

One of my blog readers recently wrote asking me about the best way to share photos with family members who are far away. She was interested in having family members help her identify people in her photos but was hesitant to put the photos in the mail, fearing they may not be returned. This is a pretty important thing to be fearful of and many of my clients have reported losing photos to well-meaning family members. My grandmother was notorious in our family for coming over while we were out of the house and “liberating” select family photos.

Photo sharing on the internet has become big business. From social media sites such as Facebook to dedicated photo sharing sites with various levels of membership, there are options for everyone.

I’ve created a list of the Top Five most popular photo sharing websites that are currently out there. These websites are not geared toward the professional photographer.

Flickr# 1 Flickr – Probably the most popular and highest rated site is Flickr. You can upload your photos, then share them through Facebook, Twitter, email blogs and other social media sharing sites.You can create a Flickr site with your Facebook or your Google+ accounts and they have app for pretty much every mobile phone and device. Two levels of service:

FREE: 2 videos and 300MB worth of photos each calendar month.
300 MB monthly photo upload limit (15MB per photo)
2 video uploads each month (90 seconds max, 150MB per video)
Photostream views limited to the 200 most recent images
Post any of your photos in up to 10 group pools
Only smaller (resized) images accessible (though the originals are saved in case you upgrade later)
Privacy – Registered users agree to Yahoo! Terms of Service and Yahoo! Community Guidelines. Yahoo! Takes privacy very seriously.
You can specify whether or not you want your photos to be accessible to the public, accessible to a select few, or private (only you can access them with your Yahoo! ID and password).

PRO: $24.95 a year. Pro gives the following service

Unlimited photo uploads (20MB per photo)
Unlimited video uploads (90 seconds max, 500MB per video)
The ability to show HD Video
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Archiving of high-resolution original images
The ability to replace a photo
Post any of your photos or videos in up to 60 group pools
Ad-free browsing and sharing
View count and referrer statistics

# 2  Photobucket – Upload photos, graphics, and video to share by email or link them to social media websites. They have an editor which allows you to make rudimentary slideshows of your photographs to share with friends. Mobile phone apps are available.


2GB storage for your photos or videos.
Up to 500 videos permitted with up to 10 minutes in length per video. Maximum display size of photos is 2048×1536 pixels each.
Maximum file size permitted is 5MB per photo and 500MB per video.
If you like to link to forums, blogs, etc. you get up to 10GB/month of bandwidth.

PRO Account: Monthly – US $2.99, Yearly – US $24.95, Biyearly – US $39.95

Your account not only includes unlimited storage* but also unmetered bandwidth (Photobucket reserves the right to disable direct linking on accounts that use excessive bandwidth or otherwise abuse the system).
Your original size images are stored (up to 20 MB) and you can have web-size images of up to 2 MB or 4000 x 3000 pixels per image. See Set your upload options for details.
There is no advertising in your account or your shared content from your account, although you may still see advertising for sponsored features,  in public search media, and in group albums (group albums receive free account benefits). Photobucket Logos do not count as advertising.
You can upload SWFs (10 MB or less.)
You can upload and download images via FTP.
Your account and your links to third-party websites remain active for the duration of your Pro subscription.
You have access to premium email tech support.

# 3  Picasa – A fast growing photo sharing community with the advent of Google+ User signs up for Picasa and then downloads and installs a photosharing application (Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista/7). User selects photos then uploads them to Google+. Any friends not a part of Google+ can receive email to view the album(s) in Google+ without having to join. Application also will index all images on your computer. Will not accept animated gif images, but will take almost all others, both image and video file types.

Account is free. However there is a storage limit of 1GB. If the user needs more storage it is available from 20 GB for $5/yr up to 16 TB  for $4096.00/year. User will be able to do a variety of things including:

Resize photos
Make a collage
Use Movie Maker to combine photos and sound to upload to YouTube.
Upload to Blogger
Print Photos
Add tags
Map photos (“Use the Maps tab in Picasa to embed latitude and longitude information into the EXIF data of your photo file. This geographic data accompanies your photo when you upload it to Picasa Web Albums.”)
Sync to Web: Edits to photos are synced online and are reflected immediately in your web albums
Add captions to photos
Backup your collection (to alternate drive or burn to disk).

User must have a account and a google profile to use Picasa. Privacy policy is strong however:
“When you use Picasa Web Albums, Google’s servers automatically record certain information about your use. Similar to other web services, Google records information such as account activity (including storage usage and number of log-ins), data displayed or clicked on (including UI links); and other log information (including browser type, IP-address, date and time of access, cookie ID, and referrer URL).”
# 4 “ is the online complement to Adobe’s family of Photoshop software. Use to edit, organize, store, and share your photos online. They offer an express version of their market leading software that allows you to editing your photos using limited features. also offers editing software for the IOS and Android tablets.”
Sign up for a free account and get 2GB of free storage

Online tools to edit, create, and share
A personal gallery and profile page
Slideshow templates and creations
Video storage and streaming
Very quick and extremely easy to sign-up for an account, I got one in less than two minutes.
Upgrade to increase the amount of storage is offered. Storage, also called account upgrades called “Plus Memberships” and start at $49.95 (20GB of storage) and go up to $529.99 per year (500GB of storage). These are annual rates.
An amazing abundance of tips, tutorials and how-tos are offered at
Standard privacy policy however, they do record IP addresses and track users once logged into the user’s account, they may automatically check to determine if you are using the latest products as well and suggest upgrades or a more current version.

# 5 Dropshots – “What makes DropShots unlike ANY other service in existence?
It’s made for everyone – DropShots was designed to be simple and easy to use suitable for any level of computer user (even grandma!) – NOT the feature overload and complexity of other services designed for the technically inclined. It’s all about interaction – DropShots is a destination for families to connect and converse about the joys of life captured on photos and videos – NOT just a place facilitating the one-way event of sending or posting pictures for others to view. At DropShots we are thrilled to be your trusted resource for connecting with those you care about and sharing your important memories and life experiences.”

FREE Basic Account:
Up to 500 photos
Up to 20 videos
2-minute video limit
Password protection
No ads

Premium accounts are available at $4.95/mo:
Unlimited photos
Unlimited videos
Unlimited bandwidth use
Unlimited storage
10-minute videos
Larger and Higher quality photos and videos
Downloadable Media Archive
Password protection
No ads
Premium Customer Support
Fast, easy to use
See your entire library on one page, navigate everything from one page
Super-fast image loading.
Navigate everything from one page.
Auto-organization by date taken.
Drag-n-drop into albums in a snap.
Safe & Private, a secure, password protected archive for your photos and videos
Completely private – no public galleries. Uploaded photos and videos do not go into public galleries, pages are not indexed are not available to search.


Stefani Twyford is a personal historian and video biographer sharing life stories, connecting generations and preserving legacies. To learn more, visit her web site, find her on Twitter as @stefanitwyford, visit the Legacy Multimedia Facebook Fan Page, or send her an e-mail.

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