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Calling All Texas Filmmakers – 2011 “Where I’m From” Film Contest

This is the second year that Texas Monthly has hosted a short film contest during the annual Austin Film Festival. The contest provides a platform for Texans to share their Texas pride by making a film 10 minutes or less about Texas, your experiences in Texas or other insights into our amazing state. You do not have to be from Texas in order to enter, and you do not have to film this in Texas but it must be about Texas. Pretty simple right?

The deadline for submission is June 1st, 2011, so you don’t have a lot of time, but there is enough to create something fun and entertaining. Here’s all the details about entering, which includes entry forms, release forms, links to info about what they’re looking for and even some inspiration with a link to a radio program that explores what it means to be a Texan.

Last year’s winner was a film entitled “Beaumont Stinks.”

As Richard Linkater says, “When in doubt, shoot what you know.” Who knows, you might be the next Richard Linklater!

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