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  • “There Is No Present Like The Time”

    Flickr photo:Robbert van der Steeg I was at a Bat Mitzvah this past Saturday and the presiding rabbi gave a sermon on the gift of time. He had seen an ad for a famous jewelry company that depicted a graduate in cap and gown, with a new watch on her arm. The caption was...

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  • Beyond Wills and Trusts – What Do You Do With Your Intellectual Property?

    Most people that have families take on the onerous and reflective task of writing a will which provides instructions for the distribution and disposable of our physical assets after we die. Some are very complicated and involve the establishment of trusts to by-pass gen...

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  • Calling All Texas Filmmakers – 2011 “Where I’m From” Film Contest

    This is the second year that Texas Monthly has hosted a short film contest during the annual Austin Film Festival. The contest provides a platform for Texans to share their Texas pride by making a film 10 minutes or less about Texas, your experiences in Texas or other ...

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  • Eulogy – A Way To Remember and Celebrate Someone

    Flickr photo: Ben Ward In Hove Because I am in the business of helping people create Legacy video biographies and tribute videos, people often want to share eulogies they have written for others. Yesterday a friend of mine sent me one that she had written for her mothe...

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  • Follow-Up On Settling My Parents Into Assisted Living

    Lately, I keep running into people who say, “I haven’t checked into your blog this week but I’m wondering how things are going with your parents?” These are questions that make me happy because I’m thrilled to know that people read my blog...

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  • Friday Dec. 2, 2011 – Tonight’s Guest on GeneaBloggers Talk Radio

    I will be one of three guest speakers on tonight’s GeneaBloggers Radio – Episode 45 The title of the show is “Capturing Family Memories – All Year Round” and you can login online here to listen:

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  • Getting That Personal History Captured – NOW

    I have a new client that I just started working with. One of my customs is to request an invitation to dinner with the family before I start work. This gives me an excellent opportunity to study the social dynamics of each family. I get the opportunity to see them inte...

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  • Helping My Family – Where I Am Right Now

    I have been blogging on four years now and I often surprise myself how much I really have to say about this subject of capturing one’s story, one’s history, for posterity. It is something that I have been passionate about since I started Legacy Multimedia i...

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  • How I Save and Archive My Digital Photos

    I spend a lot of time flying back and forth between Houston and Los Angeles to visit my family. The flight is 3 hours and last year I made a commitment to spend that three hour time period working on sorting, identifying and tagging all of my digital photos. By the tim...

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  • How To Backup and Store Your Digital Photo Files

    Flickr photo: Chas.™ Last week I blogged about how I have been organizing and tagging all my digital photos during frequent 3 hour flights. I received several comments and questions from readers about what to do with those photos once they are tagged and organized in...

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