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Days With My Father by Philip Toledano

My son recently sent me a link to a beautiful website called “Days With My Father.” It is a beautiful and sentimental photo gallery done by a professional photographer with his writings about dealing with the final stages of his father’s Alzheimers Disease.

As someone whose work it is to preserve memories, I found this a beautiful and touching memorial. I sent it out to several of my friends who sent me back emails thanking me for sharing the link and how much they really appreciated seeing the site.

We each have our own way of memorializing our loved ones. Some of us create photo books, some save specific items of that person, sometimes we keep their room intact, or hire a company like ours to create a video about that person. Toledano’s unique combination of writing and photography as well as his perspective of being the loving and grieving child of a dying parent really allows for a very sensitive and thoughtful approach to a bittersweet and yet beautiful experience.

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