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PBS – The Objects and Memory Project

From The Objects and Memory Project web site:

“The documentary film and educational initiative Objects and Memory is about how we respond to history while it is happening and how we tell our stories through the otherwise ordinary things in our homes and museums that are associated with people, places, and events.

The film was the PBS national prime time special in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of 9/11. With narration by Frank Langella and music by Philip Glass, Objects and Memory invites viewers to consider what they value most, and how we form communities across time.”

More…“This film follows people driven to preserve meaningful objects in the aftermath of 9/11 and other upheavals. Otherwise ordinary items come to symbolize experiences, aspirations, and identity. Without the objects, the stories would lack vibrancy; without the stories the objects would lack significance. Taken together, the images of the objects and the stories they evoke lead the viewer on a journey where the commonplace is transformed into the remarkable and where the stuff of history is highly personalized.”

This film has been re-broadcast on PBS, starting this past August. It may still be available in your area. By going to the PBS website page about this film ~ Here ~ you can read more about it, watch a minute long trailer, and search for a broadcast time in your area. Otherwise the DVD is now available for purchase on the official web site: The Objects and Memory Project Purchase Page

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