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How Much Should You Pay A Personal Historian?


Dan Curtis, my friend and fellow Personal Historian in Victoria, BC, recently penned this excellent blog posting on determining the costs of a personal history. This article tackles head-on, the perceived discrepancies of pricing when shopping for a historian. From the buyer’s point of view, it can often be difficult shopping for this service as in their mind, they’re just looking for a tribute, and may not appreciate the vast range of options available today. Dan has attempted to provide examples that show the context of pricing. Keep in mind the numbers he suggests are in Canadian dollars and because they are examples, may not be reflective of what you find when you begin your search for the historian that is the right match for you.

How Much Should You Pay A Personal Historian?
July 8, 2009

A common question I get is, “How much would a personal history cost?” I tell people it’s a little like going to a car dealer and asking, “How much do your cars cost?” If you’re looking at a used economy model, you’re going to pay much less than for a luxury sedan. Similarly a personal history can be simple or complex. You could have a 50 page, soft cover booklet detailing a memorable phase in someone’s life. Or you could have a 90 minute video biography complete with interviews, family photos and video, music, titles, and effects.

In addition, there are all kinds of personal historians. Some do life stories to add an interesting sideline to their retirement. Other personal historians are hobbyists who work primarily with their own family or friends. There are those who work full time as personal historians and have many years of experience. And there are individuals who are starting up their personal history business and looking to find clients. Within this diverse group charges can vary widely.

Let’s look at where the expense comes in. There are essentially eight stages that almost all personal history productions take. (Visit Dan’s Blog to read the rest of this article.)

Dan has many excellent articles on his website so be sure to visit him at

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