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Archive for July, 2009

  • Finding Your Family Online

    Flickr photo:mweitkamp In the news yesterday is a story about a couple who are engaged and planning to wed soon. What makes this story really unusual is that they have the same name, Kelly Hildebrandt, and they met on Facebook. One night (female) Kelly was bored and ty...

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  • How Much Should You Pay A Personal Historian?

    Dan Curtis, my friend and fellow Personal Historian in Victoria, BC, recently penned this excellent blog posting on determining the costs of a personal history. This article tackles head-on, the perceived discrepancies of pricing when shopping for a historian. From the...

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  • What Calls Us To These Personal Histories

    I have to admit that I don’t find the History Channel very interesting. My husband watches it constantly and aside from something that occasionally catches my eye, I find most discussions of political, military and social history rather boring. I am horrible at re...

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