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Some Proud & Historic Moments this Inauguration Week

I have to say that I could not be prouder of many things this week.

Being present to the Inauguration of President Barack Obama Tuesday was truly an awe inspiring event. I tuned in periodically on my television and the internet live streams to catch little bits of the various ceremonies and parades, dances and feasts as well as speeches. I beamed with pride as my country and I gave a warm welcome to this new president who embodies so much hope and vision for so many of us.

I was glad I wasn’t physically there for the crowds and congestion but my eye was always looking for my eldest son, Evan, who was marching with the NASA crew showing off the Lunar Rover.

The Rover and crew had to be in place at 4 AM for the parade. With many delays, they didn’t start their march until around 5PM. As Evan put it, it was dark and most of the street had emptied, but when we came up to the viewing deck and the Rover did it’s spins, you could see the excitement and awe on the faces of the Obamas and Bidens. Evan commented that that seeing that look of excitement on the president’s face and having them ‘get’ what their work was all about was well worth the 12 hours of standing in the cold waiting for que. How exciting for him and I am so, so proud.

Here’s a video posted on YouTube of the march with the Rover. Evan is one of the men marching in brown bomber jackets behind the rover. They are all the design crew that conceptualized and built that amazing machine.

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