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My Computer Nightmare Video Contest

My partner and good friend Isabelle MacCrimmon has just entered Mozy’s video contest. The rules are to create a video of your worst computer nightmare that cannot exceed 1 minute in length. Considering she and her husband Keith are big fans of Indiana Jones (not to mention that Keith bears an uncanny physical resemblance to Harrison Ford), the ‘theme’ was a given.

Isabelle is committed to winning the fully loaded Mac Pro so we’re going to ask your help in making that a reality. Please vote for her entry and tell your friends about it. There is a link on the video to ‘tell a friend’ as well as a link to post the video to your own social networking sites such as Facebook.

In order to vote you’ll have to sign-in to Mozy so be sure to use an appropriate email address (one you don’t mind getting mail from Mozy at.) You can vote once a day.

Thank you for your support!

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