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Putting the Pieces Together Again After Hurricane Ike

It’s been a little over two weeks since Hurricane Ike slammed Houston. For awhile, we were all the press could talk about, and then real life happened and the county’s financial mess engulfed our 15 minutes of fame.

With power still out in many areas and some 400 people missing from Galveston, it will be a long time before Texas recuperates from this storm. There have been some amazing photos and stories from Ike, such as that of Mike Anderson who was literally washed from his house and floated for 36 hours until he was rescued 14 miles away.

From now on, each of us in Houston will have our “Ike” story. Where we were, who we were with, what time the power went out, how long we were without power, what the first walk outside on Saturday morning looked like, how much damage our house sustained. We all share the basic theme, but our details and nuance are our own.

Here are a couple of photos of our office before the storm. All of our equipment was double bagged in plastic and pulled off the floor. All of our tapes and discs were placed in Ziploc bags, then put into plastic bins and placed on high shelves, at least 5 feet above the floor. All of our client files and working files were backed to external hard drives and those were placed in plastic boxes on a high shelf. The office window was also boarded up. We were without power for around 9 days and fortunately the office suffered no water damage.

We took photos and video of the office as it looked before the hurricane, as well as photos of the serial #s of equipment in case there was any damage that needed to be claimed. Think we’re a bit paranoid? Maybe. But as keepers of our clients’ memories, we take that trust seriously.



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