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There are several family networking sites available online these days, competing for your business. I’ve already discussed my personal favorite, in several posts.

A friend of mine recently told me about

Over the past five years or so, his extended family through a sister-in-law has maintained a family website using for non-public sharing of news, photos, birthday / anniversary salutations, recipes, etc.

The family members are mostly of British descent, multi-generational and are spread across the planet. They keep in touch continually this way to save on long distance phone calls and postage. Through automated e-mail notices, all members are informed of website content updates as they occur.

Via he has literally watched his nieces and nephews grow up in Oregon, Connecticut, Florida, Great Britain, and New Zealand. He has also shared stories from his American side of the family with people halfway around the world and they have posted a huge assortment of old family photos along with running comments that include names, dates, places and other historical details, as well as anecdotes about our ancestors.

The active members range in age from five to eighty five and together they have created a living legacy that continues to grow on a daily basis.

Cost for this service is based on an annual subscription fee starting at $29.95 USD for a full-featured standard site with 1GB of server storage space. Additional storage is available for $24.95 per GB per year with a Super Site package deal going for $109.95 a year. The latter includes 5GB of storage and a unique, custom domain name along with up to 100 e-mail accounts.

The parent company that owns recently changed its name to The Generations Network, which also operates and all the various branches of

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