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Looking Yourself Up On Google – the New Acknowledgment

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I was waiting in the dentist’s office yesterday and picked up a copy of July’s Redbook and began reading an article on “Men’s Secret Fears – the Good, the Bad and the Funny, Real Guys Fess Up.” Among such fears as “What’s Up With All This Body Hair,” “Do I Have What it Takes to be a Good Dad” and “Do I Make Enough Money”, was the obsession “How Do I Rank on Google.”

According to this article, while younger men measure themselves on MySpace and Facebook, counting how many friends they have and how many notes they get, older guys look themselves up on Google. Counting how many pages they appear on apparently is a guide to how successful they have been in life.

Not being content with that knowledge, they (again, according to this article) look up their friends and compare statistics on who has more rank. Apparently the two things they search for more than themselves are their friends and their enemies.

The reason apparently is that men want to see the evidence of the impact they are having in the world. As we go through life and have accomplishments, we hang those certificates on the wall or put the trophy on the shelf and nobody really knows about it but us or the people who happen to come into our offices or studys and see those visual acknowledgments. Do they matter? Apparently not if nobody can see them. On Google, they are there for the world to see, measure and apparently acknowledge.

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