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Archive for May, 2008

  • More on and My Genealogical Family Tree

    Late last year I started a family genealogy tree on and blogged about what exactly Geni is. Recently my parents were in town visiting and my dad and I sat down for a couple of hours at, armed with an old genealogical tree that I had roughly put togethe...

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  • Social Networking Squeezing Out the Sacred Yearbook

    Flickr photo:PreciousKittyKat Time was when everyone had to have a yearbook. During the final few days of school, you would run around, getting your friends’ and teachers’ signatures and comments. Well wishes for the coming summer, confessions of un-actuali...

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  • What Makes a Good Biography or Autobiography?

    May is Personal History Awareness Month with May 16th identified as the International Day for Sharing Life Stories. I know lots of people who plan on writing their autobiography ‘some day’ so this month just might be as good a time as any to get started on t...

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