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Archive for February, 2008

  • Photographs or Snapshots?

    Typical snapshot taken of my son. My father, Martin Elkort, is a collected and noteworthy photographer. His body of work, shot during a period of enormous possibility in our country, evokes feelings of both excitement and nostalgia in those that view and collect his ph...

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  • Transferring 8mm & 16mm film to DVD

    We get a lot old format film transferred to DVD work and I wanted to take the time to discuss this service and our perspective on it. Lots of you have boxes of old film laying around in the closets. Some of you have projectors but most of you don’t and therefore ...

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  • Trusting Your Film & Photos to a Service Provider

    I was at a networking event a couple nights ago and had a great conversation with two gentlemen about a variety of issues; personal, domestic and global. At some point, we began talking about our services and what specifically we do at Legacy Multimedia. One of them wa...

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