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  • A Triple Header Video Interview

    Over the holiday week between Christmas and New Year, my family spent a week skiing in Utah. We stayed at the home of some good friends who live outside of Salt Lake City and another family from California was there as well. We have known the parents of these families ...

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  • Effective Interviewing Techniques for Video Histories

    Flickr Photo: Walter Grubmuller While every interviewee is unique in his or her own way, there are several things you can do in advance to help make the process go more smoothly to yield better results. There are also some proven techniques that can be applied during i...

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  • Family Business

    The idea of creating a family history or genealogical tree, while a formidable task, sometimes occurs to us as quite simple. We enroll all our family members into this meaningful project. They all go through their media, (photos, old reels of film, mementos) and come u...

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  • Muhammad Yunus and his Legacy on Poverty

    Flickr This past week I had the privilege of seeing Muhammad Yunus speak at a World Affairs Council of Houston luncheon. Yunus, of Bangladesh, is a 2006 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and a 1999 recipient of the Indira Gandhi prize for peace, disarm...

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  • Your Family Health History

    Flickr photo: Joey Harrison I was at the doctor’s office this week and had to fill out one of those five page questionnaires that ask you questions like; have you ever smoked, been diagnosed with thyroid problems, have asthma, etc. They usually ask questions abou...

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