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Finding Home

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A couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog by Keith Ferrazzi, marketing guru and well known author of Never Eat Alone, and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time. He had a poignant post, a tribute to his Aunt Rose, who had died that very day. Keith wrote of flying back home to spend some time with her in her final hours. He wrote of what her life had been like, how she had touched so many people in her lifetime and how much he appreciated her for what she meant to him, his family and his community. He wondered if it were his final hours he was facing, how would he want to spend them? That led him to find a nutritionist at the nursing home who happened to have a guitar. Along with her, he and his family spent Aunt Rose’s remaining time sitting at her bedside, singing Christmas carols.

I was moved by the fact that Keith took the time to record his experiences, that very day, in his blog. The people who read his blog, friends and family, can share first hand what he felt and experienced, what the world looked like from his view. If he had written the blog a week later, some of the details would have been lost. Another month and he would have covered the high points but may have forgotten some of the poignancy of the moment. This is one of the things I love about blogging and digital journals. Years from now, family members can read that post as if it had just happened. We get an intimate look at Keith’s world, through his eyes, in a format that is easily shared and easily posted.

What particularly touched me about Keith’s blog was how he found “home” during this experience.

I walked out of the room briefly to stretch my legs and looked out the window. The ground and sky was white with so much snow. And it wasn’t just falling, it seemed to swirl up and all around those tiny mining-town houses. And it was beautiful. I wasn’t thinking “Why do people live here?” I was thinking, “In so many ways, I belong here.” I was feeling what it means to be “a Ferrazzi.” And I felt more peace than I had for quite some time. I felt blessed to be there.

These days, most of us are wanderers, our souls homesick for a sense of belonging. We often spend our time looking for a way to find “home”, the place we belong. When we are able to connect our pasts with who we are in the present, we can develop a strong sense of relatedness; to our family and friends as well as our purpose in life. I recommend you find Home this holiday season. Take the time to create, recognize and record the moments that have meaning for you and your family. Moments that will be remembered years from now as “those were the days.

By the way, Keith’s book, Never Eat Alone, and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time, is hands-down the best networking book around. Whether you have been around the block a few times or are fresh out of college and looking to get connected, Keith provides tip after valuable tip on creating value based relationships that blur the line between business acquaintance and friend.

Be sure to stop by and read Keith’s tribute to Aunt Rose.

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