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The Ultimate Gift

I watched the movie, “The Ultimate Gift” this past weekend and really loved it. If you are unfamiliar with it, it’s a movie adaptation of Jim Stovall’s popular novel (link is on the right in our Recommended Reads).

It’s basically the story of a wealthy and privileged young man whose grandfather dies. At the reading of the will, instead of getting any money, the young man is given a series of videos that his grandfather made for him before his death. Each video gives the young man an assignment to do and each assignment is contingent upon his satisfactorily completing the previous assignment. As he goes through these assignments, he begins to learn many valuable lessons about life, humanity and most of all, he learns about himself.

Aside from the fact that Legacy creates movies like this that pass on the values of one generation to the ones that follow, what I really loved about this movie was how the boy learns how much his grandfather loved him and how that comes through in these videos. He is able to get the commitment that his grandfather had to him growing into a great human being, one capable of carrying on the family legacy.

Here’s some information about the movie.

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